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Fifth Avenue Lifestyle empowers tomorrow’s market leaders by eliminating traditional startup costs, supplying studio alternatives in accessible locations. Become the professional you’ve always wanted to be and do it your way, every day, according to your schedule.

Should You Start Your Own Studio Business?

Yes. Although rent-a-chair/hire-a-room agreements exist, a significant percentage of your income is reallocated to your landlord, along with many hidden extras. Alternatively, our business-ready studios grant you privacy, autonomy and complete financial control, ensuring you only pay for the space you occupy. Other benefits include:

  • Cost Security – All building outgoings are included in the rental price*
  • Choose your own hours
  • Enjoy complete control and privacy
  • Expand or maintain your client list according to your goals
  • Meet like-minded professionals
  • Configure the studio to meet your needs
  • Achieve a true work/life balance
  • Begin your business sooner

*Utilities and WiFi are the responsibility of the tenant and excluded from the rental price.

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